Saturday, April 12, 2008


Late last night, a few neighbors gathered and had some champagne. And great conversation. And a lotta laughs.

Very early this morning, after a not so great night of sleep, I bundled up and did my Bible study outside. I am finding that I love those early mornings in my backyard...

Came in and while everyone was still sleeping, this is what I did:

I had to document it, cuz I am so not one to iron. Ever. My marriage vows did not, cherish, and iron...which is a bummer for my husband.


But this morning, in the quiet of the house, I must say that I found it very peaceful. This one time. Now give me a sink full of warm, sudsy water and a pile of dishes and I am happy...but I just don't have that same lovin' feelin' towards my iron. Which, by the way, still looks new after almost 22 years of marriage.

Dear Maggie,

You know that I love you very much, but your daddy does not have those same warm fuzzies about you. If he sees this, he might just ship you off to a new home, so I am hoping that you will clean up your mess. Thank you.

Love, Mom

Today is full...Alex has had pictures and practice for tonight already this morning. We need to be back up there by 3:30pm and the questioning service begins at 4. After, we'll head to dinner and celebrate!

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