Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Monday

Day 1 of Spring Break.

Can you feel how HAPPY I am?


We never go anywhere over spring break because our weeks never match up, so sadly this morning, bright and guy had to go to work.

Matthew is still asleep. It's only 9:30am and I am pretty sure we won't see much of him until the smell of food awakes him. Alex slept at Keke's last night (our neighbor and his very best friend since kindergarten) and today he's going to Universal Studios with their family. Tomorrow, they'll be at California Adventure and I am seriously throwing around taking them to Knott's on Wednesday.

Brian slept in until 8:15am. Miracle. This boy rises with the sun, but we're wearing him out with all these late nights. Our plan for today is simple...Target, to spend a few gift cards he has and the rest of the day will be spent close to home. Tomorrow we'll go to California Adventure, too, if I can work out Brian's pass's a black out week for us.

Other than that...let's see. Highlights of our weekend:

Friday night...pasta. With eggplant and sausage. Big sigh. I also made an eggplant gratin, sausage, peppers and onions, a white texas sheetcake, numerous panini's and a partridge in a pear tree.

Bach. He's everywhere. All the time.

The cats continue to TP my bathroom. Over and over. Cute toes, though.

Cheesecake Factory, after church on Sunday. Every family needs a middle child.



  1. Matthew is your clone
    pop went my heart

  2. You know you could put the TP in a cabinet and put a child lock on the cabinet's door.

  3. I'm wondering if the cat gets his cell phone turned off for leaving the bathroom messy!

    Oh, about middle children - we are well adjusted, and just all around wonderful! (no comments, please)

  4. Oh btw I am also the middle child. I am the best one of all....dontcha think??


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