Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kinda Bored

My toes are cold.

My fingers are cold.

It is a very, very chilly day!

Today has been the strangest of days and I don't really have anything to blog about. But I am bored, so I'll blog anyway.


I watched my 5 month old neighbor for a little bit this morning, so I started my day with some baby cuddles. He is so sweet and doesn't move or talk or have somewhere to be or need money or eat everything in the house.
He just lays there and smiles and makes those little sounds that are so, so cute.

I left baby-ness for elementary school, where I volunteered in Brian's class. Except, and this is a BIG except, I kinda sorta got talking with a friend and pretty soon his class was running out for recess.


So, I wandered across the field to school #2, where I decided to check in on son #2. All continues to be fine and he does have an A+ in PE. God bless PE.

By now it is...drum roll...10:15am. And I'm kinda bored. I mean, I could have gone home and like, cleaned or something, but I just didn't feel like it. I walked home to get my car and there on my front porch was my girlfriend, complete with 2 hot teas and a bag of scones.

Just what the DR ordered.

We sat. We talked. She drove away.

It's now 11:30. In the morning. Still.

I made a pot of chili. I made a pan of cinnamon rolls. (Does anyone else eat chili and cinnamon rolls together?) I did a load of wash. I watched Sex in the City. I talked to Matthew and Jenn when they popped home for lunch.

12:45. pm.


I think I'll go walk the neighborhood and see who'll talk to me.



  1. You feel chilly? It's in the 30's here today, and there are still patches of snow on the ground. Spring has not yet arrived this year. Bleh! One good thing...it was drizzling around noon so I got to supervise indoor recess instead of having to go outside on another cold and windy day.

  2. Ummmmm hellooo?? You could have called MEE!!!

  3. So where is this Jen person going to college and why do you allow the two of them wander around when they should be at school studying?

    An A+ in PE? He shure did not get that from your side of the family!

  4. Bored? I could give you plenty to do. You could come clean my house (involves picking up LOTS of Legos), sand Rachel's walls (have to pick up her room first- and that's a project by itself), go to the grocery store AGAIN, buy Rachel a spring coat, get Andrew's baseball pants and shoes...and I'm sure I'll think of more to do!


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