Friday, April 18, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

Can you even imagine seeing this on your wall?

It was HUGE!

And scary....vewy, vewy scawy.


Fortunately, Alba was over visiting and she is butch. In a girl way. I mean, really...she took off her (high heeled) shoe and gently coaxed the beast outside.

Meanwhile, I stood across the room on a chair.


(and taking pictures.)


  1. Andrew says you should go to therapy for your fear of spiders. (Andrew is saving his money for therapy - after having to put up with weird parents and siblings)

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  3. Is this a baby Tarantula?? Yipes. Almost as gross as OUR giant spiders.

  4. Yeah wasn't Andrew the one who was afraid of Buffalo?

    I don't get girls and spiders. Elizabeth can man-handle 1,500 pound horses be she will run screeming out of a room if she sees a little spider.

    You'd think after spending 20+ years with males you would be over your spider fear by now!

  5. Yes, Andrew was the one afraid of bison. But, they are MUCH bigger than a spider. Plus, they could have really damaged the van if we got it mad.


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