Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Walk Around My Hood

Let's take a walk, shall we?

Step out of my house and walk down my street.

Walk down my street and look to the left.

See the park and the pool and the elementary school.

Look to the right and see the middle school.

Walk around the pool and continue down the street.

Continue down the street to the lagoon. Walk past the lagoon and all the bobbing boats.

Keep on walking towards the bridge.

Walk over the bridge.

On the other side of the bridge, look longingly at the tennis courts.

Remind myself that I don't play, but have always wanted to.

Walk around the tennis courts.

Hello, ducks.

Follow the path around the lake.

Keep on walking towards the bridge.

Up the bridge. Over the bridge.

View from the top.

Over the bridge and down the other side.

Down the other side and through the park.

Stop at the flag and pause a minute.

Give thanks for freedom.

Through the park towards another bridge.

Towards the other bridge. Over the bridge.

See the retention basin?

Over the bridge. Stop at the stop sign.

Stop at the stop sign. Look both ways and keep on walking.

Made it!

Sit on down and lunch with that guy that I like so much, who drove over from work just to see me for an hour.


After lunch, climb in his car.

Back where I started...and back to work for him.


  1. What a gorgeous neighborhood! I wish our area was one that we could walk to get to places to eat, shop, etc. Unfortunately it isn't structured that way.
    ANOTHER nugget of proof that we are really sisters----I don't play tennis either but have always wanted to!!
    Your "little house" is so darling, LOVE IT!!!

  2. thanks for asking me to go on that familiar walk with you - to our 'Village'! tho I think it needs a lot more diversity & diversions to qualify, don't you? versus more dental, medical & tutoring businesses! still, I miss the lakes and, especially, our neighbors!

  3. I wanna go on a walk with you!!!
    Miss you!

  4. You kept writing about bridges. I thought you were stopping at the top of one, and jumping from it! I'm glad you didn't =)

  5. Thanks for the tour of your neighborhood. I wish I could walk it with you! Maybe some day...


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