Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sew Him Up

My house constantly smells like feet.

Smelly feet.

I burn candles and bake bread and yet my house still smells like smelly feet.

It's a losing battle in this little house packed full of all these boys.

This afternoon's text message exchange with my 17 yr old:

Him: hey mom. we need steri strips.

Me: Why?

Him: we just need sum.

Me: Tell me WHY.

(because I know full well by now where this is leading, but need to figure out whether an ER visit is in order.)

Him: no reason. i'll show you when u pick me up.


Him: gotta watch film. be done at 5:30.

The short version...he got elbowed during practice. They taped him together and he finished practice. Once home, I pulled off the tape, saw how deep and big it was and called my neighbor, the nurse.

Thank God for Sheila.


I've lost count how many times we've been to the ER with him...never, ever a dull moment around these parts.



  1. A neighbor who is a nurse is a blessing for sure!!! Chris broke his arm last year during basketball practice at school. I went to pick him up and he comes out with an ice pack as soon as he shuts the door----tears! He had sat for an hour with a broken arm and not complained once or asked them to call me. Crazy boys!

  2. So, how many stitches did Alex get???


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