Thursday, April 21, 2011

Feeling Thankful

That guy that I like so much and I had a kind of hang out day today...mainly because at 11am the teens were still sleeping.

Not normal behavior...but it is spring break, so they are off the hook.


Anyway, while they snoozed, we spent over an hour at our rather small but local garden center figuring out what to plant where and when and how.

In all honesty, I have nuthin' to do with it other than point out colors I like. And I push the cart. He came prepared with a list of the areas that needed planting and consulted his notes often (which made me laugh, but I will idea) and filled cart after cart with flowers and dirt.
And now, on one of his only days off in months, he is digging and trimming and planting and making our little backyard into our little summer sanctuary.

Just for me. Sigh. I love that he does that...and that I never have to ask. He just knows that I like a flowery garden.

I am blessed.



  1. sleeping until 11am IS normal behavior for teens. I don't expect to see my kids until noon today. James, on the other hand, gets up anyways. It's still way too early to plant anything around here. We even had snow this week. =( Want to come do my yard in May?

  2. oh man, do i sometimes DREAM of the day my boys sleep later than 7am! ;)


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