Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Movies

This morning I went to see a new movie that is out...I like going on Fridays because it only costs $6.00 if you go before noon.

Anyway....I saw Soul Surfer.

Oh my.

Please, please, PLEASE go and see this was just one of those feel good (minus the fact that Bethany has her arm bitten off by a nasty big shark), wonderful, great message movies that talks about how great our God is.

And how strong he creates us to be.


In other news, Matthew's summer schedule is out.

Whew. Not sure they are covering enough ground.


The first Mother's Day order came in and beat me to the punch...but I do love this necklace.

Find it HERE.

The lunch of champions...chips and guacamole.

Not pictured...Robin's Eggs (whoppers...aka malted milk balls).

It's Friday after all.

Fridays mean everything eaten before 11pm is calorie free.


Supper last night with all my boys home. This was before I asked them to talk about their feelings (I'm a girl. Girls have feelings. Girls have feelings AND like to talk about feelings.) and the giant nerf war broke out.

So much for feelings.
I am officially on spring break until a week from Monday, which means I don't have to answer one single call from crossing guards who want to tell me about their problems with their bodily functions and why they can't possibly work.

I have grand plans to conquer one room a day in my little house on my little street though the way I am feeling today, I might just sit on my couch, watch movies and eat candy all week long.

Cuz calories don't count when one is on spring break.



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  1. Chris and I were just talking about how we want to see Soul Surfer. We already have other plans for this weekend, but I think next weekend we are going to have to make it a mom and Chris date.
    I agree with chips and guac for lunch! I love lunches like that.
    have a wonderful weekend friend!


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