Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Spring Break

Spring Break for the boys in this house has arrived and with it...late nights, late night snacks, later nights and later night snacks.

Which basically means I've had really, really quiet mornings.

A taste of summer.

(Alex...happy to be eating KFC)

We had a weekend of concerts...well, I didn't but that guy that I like so much did. I still find it rather cool that he stands up there in front of that massive choir and orchestra and with a little wave of his arms makes them sound ah'mazing.

I'm sure there's more to it than just the arm waving thing. Maybe?


We did have one crisis happen...our DVR died a rather fast, yet still painful death and with it the question:

How did we ever survive watching live TV?

I mean, come on...we tape such quality shows after all.

I now weep every time I pull into a gas station. Please tell me things are going to change...please?

I had an early morning meeting with my boss this morning and when I got home, Brian (who is 12) was just waking up...I stole him away for a little breakfast at Ruby's.

I had a scrambled egg and toast with orange marmalade...can you believe I have NEVER tried orange marmalade before?

My eyes have now been opened.


Supper tonight was chicken cacciatore followed by some leftover wheat bread slathered with nutella. is good.

I'm still trying to put together an Easter menu...and am drawing a blank. Ham? Lamb? Lasagna?

I need ideas...what are you making (or eating!) for Easter dinner?

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