Thursday, April 28, 2011

People Watching

I am sitting at Corner Bakery trying to pass a little time while some work is being done at my little house on my little street, eating a rather delicious california grille sandwich served with a side of people watching.

And let me tell you...this place is packed and prime for people watching.

Some people just need to take a deep breath and the guy next to me who complained non-stop about how long it took to get his food (8 minutes) and then that his soup was too hot (seriously?) and the bread is now too small.



I was looking through my pictures and came across no fewer that 5, 000 pictures of crosswalks thanks to my part time job as a crossing guard supervisor.

Exciting, eh?

And then I found the crown jewels of pictures that I had taken a few weeks ago. My mom was visiting last month and lugged a big huge book with her on her journey here. She spent hours and hours and hours working on the story of ME.

Page after page of my whole childhood.

I keep flipping through is such an incredible gift that she has given me. Makes me teary eyed.

Thanks, Mom.

I love it (and you!) lots!



  1. Hey, the photo with a 5 on it is MY dress! I think I was in 1st grade when my class photo was taken with that same dress. Blue and red plaid if I remember correctly. Oh, did your mom put the photo of you and your Burger King uniform in that book???? =)

  2. What a beautiful scrapbook to treasure! And I believe that dress was mine first before it was handed down. Sorry you guys had to get all my hand-me-downs! Of course, most of my wardrobe is now hand-me-downs from Goodwill, and I love it. My girls no longer hand things down, but they do steal from each other's closets without asking. We finally finished cleaning out Liz's closets and drawers, so now Kate will have nothing to steal when she comes home. However, her own closet is still packed with clothes, so she has plenty to wear!

  3. I'm glad you love your scrapbook! It truly was a labor of love! I love you lots too!

    Signed...your wonderful, talented and very young mother :-) (cough, cough)

    P.S. I'm sorry I dressed you in hand me downs in your very younger years!

  4. Aunt Jan,
    Yes, you are VERY young. I"m 26, so you must be 29. Now that recycling and resale are "in", we don't have to call them hand me downs. Rachel prefers previously loved clothes, especially jeans. She would rather shop resale for jeans before looking for brand new ones. Gotta love that!


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