Sunday, March 8, 2009


Everyday, I get to see this.

And everyday, I cannot believe that I get to see this everyday.


That guy that I like so much flew back into town yesterday.  

And I am thankful.  Everyone had a great time, he saw lots of old friends and former students and he realized that while he loves his mountains...he missed his lake.

We truly are the type of family that could live anywhere...and I like that.  But God has called us here.  We bought our little house sight unseen and when we did see it for the first time (on the day we moved in) I cried and cried.

I had left my home and was moving into a house.

Plain and simple.

But then he started to open my my lake.  To my neighborhood.  To the fact that we were home because we were all together here.


Matthew had a blast in Colorado and is full of fun the homestay with the 12 cats.  But get this...he had packed a lint brush so all was well, which just cracked me up.  How many 19 yr olds travel with a lint brush???

He slept here last night and is planning on driving back to his dorm later was so nice to take up a whole pew at church this morning.  And to be able to feed him.  And do his laundry.


Supper tonight will be huge pork roast...roasted in the oven long and slow with tons of onions and white wine, with roasted potatoes and asparagus on the side.  The leftovers will become shredded bbq sandwiches later this week.

I'm going to curl up on the couch and finish reading my book...Brian is outside with the neighborhood kids,  Alex is at a friends house and Matthew is still here hanging out.  M is asleep on the couch...poor guy!

Nothing beats a Sunday afternoon nap...

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  1. A lint brush? He has to turn in his man card for at least two months!


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