Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Morning.

Lined up and ready to go!

This was my 14th jog-a-thon at the elementary school...which right there is absolutely crazy, but still so much fun to go and cheer the kids on.

Go, Brian, Go!

Managed to get all boys located and accounted for and off we went to a Friday evening wedding...which, I must say, was a nice change.  And leaves my Saturday free.


The ceremony was beautiful and after, we grabbed Pat and drove to the reception.

Always fun to see former students who are now all grown up...but still manage to act crazy.  And I really wanted to put Lisa's cute belly picture here, but wasn't sure how she'd feel about that...but I am so excited about their new little one!


Made a massive amount of chocolate pancakes this morning, though Alex is in LA for a pick-up club tournament and M has auditions/preview Brian was happy to have me and the kitchen all to himself.

Gotta love the baby.


Discovered he had left his helmet at a friends and when we went to pick it up, they had accessorized it for him:
And so, we are now at war.

Which basically means that we now have our next TP'ing target.  Ready or not, here we come!


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