Sunday, March 1, 2009

The First Day of March

Today was perfect.


Got a call at noon from a friend saying that she had a house for the day on the beach.  Grabbed towels, boogie boards and a large garden shovel and within 30 minutes, we were there.

Just call us party crashers.

Oh wait...we WERE the party!

Shining sun and 80 degree temps.  

Sat on our little patio, which was right against the boardwalk and talked to everyone who walked by.

Brian, my only California baby, is the biggest beach bum of us all...and that is putting it mildly.
Digging for gold.  Or China.  (and hello?  a garden shovel at the beach?  BRILLIANT!)
So many waves, so little time.
The big boys coming back from boogie boarding...they had a little fan club watching them.

Ordered pizza...
...and watched the sun set.  Perfect.

And to the guy that I like so much...I miss you.  Lots.  And why oh why does your fancy shmancy alarm clock continue to go off at 4:30am?  And why oh why does it not have a simple 'alarm off' button??  And why oh why would it still go off at 4:30am EVEN IF IT WAS UNPLUGGED???


Not sure it'll still be fancy shmancy when you get home.  No promises.



  1. How come that door has a wall in front of it?

  2. And the point of this blog is to make us feel bad? You have PERFECT weather. We STILL have cold, snow flurries and have to wear winter coats. :(

  3. I think that over spring break, I am going to have an indoor beach day when I crank the heat up to 80+ degrees and wear a little sundress. I'll make a tropical drink, put a beach towel on the living room floor, and lay where the sun shines through the windows and read a good chick lit book. It's a grown-up version of let's pretend, and it's as close as I'll get to summer for awhile. Today we had a bit more snow and a wind chill of 7 around midday.

    Liz will have the real thing. She is driving to Panama City, Florida, with a group of college girls. I'm trying not to think about what happens on Florida beaches during spring break...although she claims she and her friends will make good choices.


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