Monday, March 2, 2009

A Letter To That Guy I Like So Much

Dear M,

Sorry your tour started out a little rough...but I am glad you lunched at Juanitas.  I still miss Boulder and probably always will...especially our Friday night 'family' dinners...if you knew us in any way, you were family and could come to dinner.  Might have to start that one up again.

Maggie misses you.  Last night she clawed me at 1:48am...something she only does to you, but I was sleeping in the middle of the bed.  Oh, and sorry about your alarm clock.  Between the cats and the 4:30am alarm, I feel like I have a baby in the house.  Can't ever part with the cats...but the alarm clock is in the trunk of your car.  No kidding.

Today I made a HUGE pot of chicken stock.  Now to get Trader Joe's to carry arborio rice again and we will be set for risotto.  I also made a cake and homemade mac n cheese, which no one ate.  Brian ate pizza bagels for supper and Alex ate cereal.  I ate/drank wine with a neighbor while the sun was setting.  Mac n cheese tomorrow anyone?
The outside freezer, unfortunately, is PACKED full.  Yikes.  The chicken stock fit, but don't open the door.  At least till it's frozen...and then watch your toes.
Tomorrow morning we are going to court to see if they will reduce the fine on Alex's jaywalking ticket.  The ticket that I still find ridiculous...especially since I watched 50 kids cross at the same spot today.  I just don't want to have to pay $164.00.  It's worth a shot.

The Bachelor tonight sucked.  RUN Molly RUN.  

Wrote up a wholesale proposal for a local boutique that will be carrying my pendants.  Cool.  They want 30 by next Tuesday.  Didn't I say I would NEVER, EVER, EVER run my own business again????  I guess I am...

Brian is just as talkative as when you left.  =0)

Well, I am going to sleep.  I miss you.  Play in the snow and then come home to me.


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