Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lots and Lots of Driving.

Last night we had a full house, which is a regular occurrence in our teeny tiny house.

But last night we had a really full house.

Which I really, really like.


Most of the cousins were here and Matthew came home for a few hours to visit with Grandma and Grandpa.

The younger set jammied up and watched a cuddly movie on my bed.
I love that my house is  Even Grandma and Grandpa couldn't help but dance the night away.
The brothers sharing a cocktail.  Or two.  Or three.
And finally...a shamrock shake.

Love these.  

This morning, after begging and pleading in an oh so not attractive way to switch places with us, I drove to the port in LA and watched my in laws board their cruise ship.   

 I drove back home alone, trying not to weep.  
And then my brake lamp came on.


I actually let out a string of German words...and we all know that the only German words I know probably shouldn't be uttered around anyone who really speaks German.
I stopped for gas and asked some random person if I had any brake lights and sure enough...not a one.

Double lovely.

So off I drove to the auto parts store, bought $13 worth of light bulbs and replaced every light.

Cuz I am a rock star.

Gathered Brian and his friend afterschool, drove them to flag football, picked a gourmet supper to go, picked Brian up and headed BACK up north for church.


At least I have brake lights now.

After, we sat in traffic for ever, but it's OK.  Brian is a great conversationalist and kept me quite entertained.

I sure do like these boys of mine.
Home now.  Jammies on.  A french apple tart is in the oven.  American Idol that's been TiVo'd is ready to start.  That guy that I like so much is home after a long day of work and scholarship auditions.  Both my younger boys are home and laughing.  Matthew is just a text message away.

And I can now add auto mechanic to my resume.


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