Friday, March 27, 2009

In Bloom

I love these azalea trees and wish more than anything that a) they bloomed more than once a year and b) that they would actually be in full bloom on Easter Sunday.

BUT...that being said, I love nothing more than looking out my kitchen window and seeing them look like this.



Last night after supper, one of my boys asked for cookies.  I am not much of a baker...too many rules to follow, but I really like the boy who asked me.

So cookies it was.

OH...and they are sharing a counter with Mendelssohn, this years composer who has moved on in and sat down right smack dab in the middle of the couch with us.

Until the end of April anyway.  
The girlies have been loving the time change and have been frolicking outside at twilight with all the neighborhood cats and then curling up together and napping.

And then they hiss and scratch at each other.

I love my girls.  Lots. 
This morning I broke down, pulled on my old jeans and birkenstocks (you can remove the girl from Boulder, but not Boulder from the girl) and pulled and pulled and pulled weeds.

And then pulled some more.

AND picked some really yummy broccoli, which I steamed and ate for lunch.  
2 hours of being hunched and scrunched and on my hands and knees later, and we're ready to plant.  I still have to rototil the beds (M won't let me do it by myself...he actually read my blog at work - spy that he is - called and said NO WAY.) or rather, M has to till the beds, lay my beloved compost and plant.

I am so sore right now...I'm wondering what tomorrow will feel like.

Supper tonight will be burgers on the grill...seems we are going to have a planned power outage from 6pm - 2 am.  Crazy times if you ask me, but in all the time we have lived here that has never happened, so they must be working on something that needs working on at 6pm at night.

M has a recital to go to, Alex has a choir festival (he is beyond thrilled) and then basketball practice at the college at we'll be out and about.  We do have lots of candles and the stuff for late night s'mores, so we'll turn it into an adventure.


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  1. Broccoli and yummy should never be used in the same sentence!


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