Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sweets and Burgers


What a day.

I spent all morning in meetings, walked in the door for lunch and got a call from a girlfriend...who was out front in her car.  I ran out, jumped in and was soon having lunch with one of my very favorite people.


Home in time to meet Brian and get him off to practice for the talent show while I went to yet another meeting at his school...which ended up being a pretty big deal.  Tense is an understatement.  I sat on my hands and bit my tongue...which was NOT easy, but it all ended well.

I didn't walk back into the house until close to 5:30pm...and met up with a guy that I like so much and two of the three children he gave me.  And off we went to The Counter where I ordered a BEER, which tells you that my meeting was incredibly stressful, and some sweet potato fries.

My favorite.

Didn't last long.

Brian and Alex both had burgers that were bigger than their heads!  
This morning was an early one...I ran and met a girlfriend for tea, home to do a quick clean up and in a bit I am heading to the beach to meet another friend for a walk and a date shake.

Zero calories, too.


Flag football for Brian afterschool, followed by class at church AND church with M, and Alex has basketball.  He and I will come home for supper and head up to church together...hard to believe that Lent is almost over.

Easter is a-comin'!


  1. You should take lessons from me, I am always calm, cool, composed and quite.

  2. Oh Xerxes...I have missed you!!! Where oh where have you been?? =0)

  3. Xerxes,
    You have it correct, you are "quite". Quite the character. If you were thinking you were "quiet", that's the funniest joke I've heard all week!


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