Friday, March 13, 2009

End of the Week

Colonial Day at Brian's school was yesterday and was rather...colonial.

And it was rather easy this go around.

First, I had the whole costume, thanks to older brothers who had 'been there, done that' and an attic to store things in.   Plus my rather attractive oufit with matching cap.  Purty.  Or not.

Second, I was in charge of nothing and just had to be there to work.  That's a first for me and was so much fun.  I dressed funny, talked, had snack and basically had a relaxing morning with the kids.  After 13 years, it is a nice change...I am still at everything, just leaving the hard stuff to other people.

I worked at the stenciling, but messy.  They also learned paper marbling, had high tea, learned quilting, cross stitch and toy making, plus calligraphy and a few more I am forgetting about.

It's a really, really cool day.
The stencils the kids made.  
Brian learning to cross stitch.
No rubber gloves in colonial times, but we cheated.

I even got to eat a colonial lunch with Brian...fried chicken and biscuits ( I baked it instead of frying it) and then we played colonial games.

Nothing like rolling a metal wheel with a a long skirt.  And a cap on my head.



Last night we ventured to Nick's for a night of therapy and good food.  I've had one teen who I have been holding the line with and life has not been all smiles between the two of us, but Dad's back in town and is, as usual, a good co-captain on this crazy parenting journey we are on.  

Pizza helps, too.  

Matthew heard through the grapevine (text message, actually) where we were going and met us food, plus a few bucks for snowboarding this weekend.  Spoiled kid.

Hector and his crew took great care of us...and we now have a youngest child who is hooked on calamari.  That's just crazy.

And no one would let me take a picture.  Oh well.

This morning was a much needed pedicure and then I had to spend a bazillion dollars on ink for the printer.  OUCH.  There's a concert tonight...M's home from tour concert, so the boys and I will go to that.  Not sure if he has enough healthy people to sing, though...they all came back from tour sick, sick, sick.

We then have one of those weekends coming up...a birthday party for a niece who turned the BIG 6 this week and church on Sunday.

Nothing more.  Nothing less.


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