Friday, October 31, 2008

Reformation Day

Brian's costume ROCKS.

Love, love, love the hair. 


The day began with the parade at Brian's school, yet another stint at the book fair (or should I say 'the book fair that never ends'?) and continued with a visit to my favorite chiropractor, who succesfully made my neck turn both left AND right.
Next stop?  Trader Joe's...where you can throw a party for 20 in one quick stop.  With sunflowers.

Home to FedEx delivering my gal.  Can't wait to sit down and read her from cover to cover and then start cooking!  FYI...I met her at a signing a few years back and was chosen as one of a handful to 'pre-meet' her and ask questions...I told her that her party cookbook 'changed my life'.  She laughed and said,'It's a COOKBOOK!'...and then went on to talk with me about the how's and why's and when's and where's.  She is charming and adorable and I love her...and her food.  And yes, her book DID change my party throwing life!
Back to the book fair, which has now ended!..and finally home.  

Finally, a stack of necklaces for an upcoming show at a friends...I had one last week and they all sold, so I've been stamping away!
The food is made (baked potato soup, italian wedding soup and a pot of chili...lots of breads and platters of cheeses), the backyard is ready, the music is on and Brian is finishing getting dressed.

Let the party begin!


1 comment:

  1. How is that a costume? That was a normal day at High School for you!

    What is your chiropractor's real last name?


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