Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sneak Peek

Halloween is coming!

Don't 'cha just love the price tag??!!


The endo appointment went well...or as well as possible.  Alex will have a root canal on his 2nd front tooth tomorrow...the dentist thinks he can save it.  The 1st one is still not looking good, so he'll inject more bleach in there to see if they can at least whiten it up, but it looks like these permanent teeth aren't permanent after all.  

Poor kid.

The scary part is the lack of tetnus and the exposed root (even if for just a bit), so please pray for a swift, complete and careful procedure.

He's doing fine and is just upset that he'll miss practice tomorrow.  

More book fair today plus bible study.  Brian has a couple of friends over playing and they are riding their bikes up and down the street.  Supper will be korean beef which has been marinating since yesterday, with brown rice and roasted carrots.  

The temps were still in the high 80's today and while that sounds hot, it felt fall-ish outside.  It is so dry and we need rain desperately, but I can live with days like today.



  1. Dental stuff - yuck. One of mine has had a bunch of baby teeth pulled. I'm hoping that's not the same for adult teeth.

  2. At least Brian isn't dressing up as a cheer leader any more, I was worried about the boy...

  3. can I get the recipe for that dinner?? Sounds awesome.
    Sorry about the tooth. He'll be okay; promise.
    My daughter was a hippie WAY before YOURS was!! =0)

  4. ooops I meant my KID, not my DAUGHTER. Sorry


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