Saturday, October 25, 2008

Here I Am!

I know, I know, I know.

I've gotten the texts, I've gotten the emails, I've gotten the phone calls.

Even my son asked if everything was OK.


I've just been busy and haven't had time to sit at the computer and blog.  And then I did...I wrote my little heart out the other night, hit publish and got an error message and now my post is somewhere in cyberspace.

I hope it's having fun, wherever it is.


So, this afternoon Matthew came home to do laundry and requested meatballs and gravy for supper.  For a picture I'll do anything...and tell the blond one that he is tall enough.  OH, and tell him that if he ever, EVER juggles eggs in my kitchen again and one smashes into the ceiling, that he is going to be sleeping in the backyard.


I spent close to 2 hours in my garden this morning, hauling away 15 dead tomato plants.  Farewell zucchini, eggplant, squash, beans, cukes, and radishes.  

Hello green pepper plants that won't quit!  I picked 11 today, so I'll stuff them later this week and freeze them for later on.
I love when I hook up my camera and I find pictures that I didn't take...but Maggie sure is pretty, isn't she?
The book fair was delivered and set up at Brian's school on runs all this week, which means I'll be there all week.  Friday was also the delivery of the new fridge and a birthday party on the grassy hill with my neighbors, whom I adore.  

You all know how I feel about my neighborhood.  

Makes me happy.


Also Friday was an evening concert on campus, conducted by a friend of ours, followed by a little get together here.  Always fun.

This morning brought early morning games, both at the same time but in two different cities, so M and Alex headed north for basketball and Brian and I stayed here in town for soccer.  Brian's team lost and I almost, almost grabbed him off the field and left.  Our coach seems to think screaming and belittling is an effective form of teaching...and after listening to he and his wife tell their son he is a quitter and a loser, as well as yelling at every other boy, I picked up my chair and moved to the other end of the field.

I've taken to working on my bible study while the team warms up and this morning I just opened  my bible and asked God to speak to me.  That I was at a loss.  And He Romans.  So I breathed in and out and prayed for them and just now sent off a very gentle email, which would not have been as gentle had I reacted earlier.

In the meantime, Alex had another great game and is learning what he needs to do on the court in his new role.  I am so proud of him.  We have another friend of his coming to church with us on Sunday...he's asked if we can fill our car on Sunday mornings.  I'm thinking there has never been a better use of a gas guzzler than that.


I just used my new stove for the 1st time and I am thinking the two of us are going to become BFF' friends forever.  Sick and wrong, but very true.  

Tonight I am planning on making pumpkin bars...the ones with cream cheese frosting and then sitting in front of the TV, fork in hand.   


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  1. Gee, you and Cheryl should cook us all kinds of stuff on your new stoves. Or does your stove do all the cooking for you? :)


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