Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Stuff

It's book fair week at Brian's school...a week I love, yet dread all at the same time.

This morning I was waiting at the credit union when they opened and filed yet another claim and yet another police report.  This one is for much less money and it should be back in my account safe and sound in 10 business days.  Whomever it was bought something from EZJet...anyone want to confess?


Worked the book fair for recess, ran to Target and came home for a quick lunch.  Oh, and made a cute necklace.

Back to the book fair for the lunch crowd, home to unload the dishwasher and book an appt. for Alex with the endodontist who is trying (in vain, it seems...sadly) to save my sons beautiful front tooth.  Which is now a lovely shade of dark gray.

Makes me sad, but it's all part of the game.  Alex mentioned this afternoon that we've spent alot of time together in DR's offices and hospitals.


And someday, he too shall have a son just like him. 


Back to work the book fair after school and once home had a knock on the front door...and this was delivered.  Just because.

Man, I love my neighborhood.  Chicken veggie soup ala Alba, with tortillas.  Yum!
M has chorale tonight and Alex is at open gym, so it's just me and the littlest shrub.  He's currently in the shower and I am blogging while waiting for the oatmeal cinnamon chip bars to come out of the oven.

Smell's pretty good in here...I'm going to sit and watch the Amazing Race from last night, with a huge cup of hot tea.


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  1. Did you look at the EZJet web site? Are you sure one of your boys isn't building an air plane?

    It's something a teenage male would attempt!


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