Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Wife, Please

I am one tired McMama.

It's one of those weeks where I just need a few extra hours in each day.

Or a wife, which probably isn't something I should say, even in jest, right before an election here in my lovely home state.

But it's true...I could really use someone to come run this house while I am busy running everything else.

Ah well...this too shall pass, but if Grandma wants to come for a visit, the boys would be eternally grateful.


I spent most of my waking hours staring at this today...welcome to the book fair.
After being there for most of the day...though I did squeeze in a run to the grocery store, I took Alex for his root canal.  I was a wreck all day over it but it ended up being relatively quick and painless for him.  The worst is over, but it still involves a few more procedures in the next month, but his tooth is looking more like a tooth should look.

I spent my time in the waiting room catching up on the details of Madonna's marriage and having an extremely interesting conversation with the receptionist/bookkeeper who tried to convince me to save the whales,  yet was sporting a pro choice button on her purse.


Worked the family event tonight and finally dragged myself home at 7:45pm.

And found this...
...which was paid for by a guy that I really, really like.


We're working our way through Mr Smith Goes to Washington...loving every ounce of Jimmy Stewart, who reminds me so much of our friend Frank.  The problem is that I cannot seem to keep my eyes open for longer than 20 minutes before I doze's a quiet movie!

Off to bed...I have to wake to give Alex antibiotics at 3am.  Kinda like having a baby in the house again!


  1. I wear a button that says, "Nuke the gay baby whales!" is that wrong?

  2. So what did Alex exactly do to his tooth? I imagine it was the sports??

  3. There are times I would like a wife too! I'm wiped out today. I had 10 hours of parent-teacher conferences with just a half-hour lunch break. Our principal thought we could just push through to 8:00 p.m. without a dinner break. Personally, I want some food...or at least some chocolate! I had one year when a parent asked for my drink order and brought me Starbucks to tide me over. And yes, that earns extra credit...even when I don't give out letter grades : )


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