Friday, October 3, 2008

Alex and Choir

Alex cracks me up.

For college you need to have 1 year of a fine arts class, which for a kid like Alex is hard to squeeze in.  We talked him into homework and it's easy, plus the choir director is a family friend and we love him.

Plus it's little culture for my #24.

Alex, in turn, convinced many of his athlete friends to sign up for choir, the back row is now filled with jocks.

We had kinda sorta left out the part where there are concerts in which you have to wear a tux, stand on stage in front of people and he came home yesterday and could not believe that they would ask him to do that.

Like he hasn't grown-up in a music family. 

He then went on to tell us that he was just going to stand up there and mouth the word 'coconut'.'s 'watermelon', Alex.

Oh yeah, he says, I knew it was some sort of fruit!



  1. Holy cow that's funny! I hope one of my CA trips coincides with one of Alex's fun would be that be. And I love the coconut watermelon confusion. I happen to dig singing, but knew many a jock that was all about singing watermelon...too fun!

  2. Since when does college need a fine arts class in HS?

    I know where Alex comes from, the music isn't in me either!


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