Monday, September 24, 2007

Sunny Monday

Well, apparently blogger is having themselves some trouble. I cannot seem to upload photos today, but I'll be patient and try again tomorrow.

Type pad is sounding better and better.

Mondays are going to be one of the busier days around here. I volunteered in Brian's class this morning from 8:15 - 10:15am. From there I ran to the dry cleaners and to Target and then on to meet my friend Maria at the beach.

Maria is Greek. As Greek as they come. I love everything about her, but best of all...she LOVES to cook. There aren't a whole lot of cooks out there and together we can talk recipes for HOURS. We walked for 45 minutes to the Shake Shack, bought ourselves a Date Shake for lunch....YUM!...and walked the 45 minutes back to our cars.

Made it home in time to throw the morning wash into the dryer and do the 10 minute pick-up. The sort of thing where my husband walks in the door and thanks me for working so hard all day.


Don't worry...he's on to me. He knows the real scoop.

Supper is beef stew that I pulled from the freezer. No one will be any wiser. I just dropped Alex and his crew off at basketball and Brian and his 2 friends off at soccer. Filled my car with gas ($2.91/gal we go again!) and now I have about 20 minutes to blog.

I also made a quick batch of Hummus. Want to know why? It's Bachelor time, my friends! I will TiVo it and submarine M when he walks in the door after teaching tonight. Some hummus, some champagne, the Bachelor...he won't know what hit him. He will get sucked in just like me, kicking and screaming the whole way. He'll then tell all his students that I made him watch and go on and on about how wrong the whole show is. And then I'll convince him to watch it next week.

It's a fun tradition.



  1. $2.91 a gallon? I haven't seen it that cheap since spring. It's finally down to $2.93 at Sams Club. All summer it's been over $3. I guess Chicago has the highest gas prices in the country, according to the news.

  2. UMMM I was gonna write the EXACT same thing-$2.91??? CHICKEN FEED! I'm movin' to IRVINE!

  3. Oh how I miss your family:) I can't wait to come play Wii with you guys again. By the way...I cooked "real food" for the first time by myself tonight:) Success!


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