Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday Soccer

If it's a Saturday in Autumn, it must mean one of two football (the Buffs play tonight!) and youth soccer. For the 12th year in a row, we've watched at least one of our boys (and for one very, very long season, all 3 of our boys!) play soccer. If we are lucky, it's early and the weather is cool as we schlep our chairs and umbrellas and gear bags out to the field, which is made a little more complicated because we are balancing our Starbucks that we've picked up on the way. This year only Brian is playing and you can definitely tell that he has older brothers. This year he doesn't talk on the field, he actually plays! So, so cute!

Brian's friend, Jack, got a ride with us this morning.

Brian's team... The QuickSilvers.Little boy; big goal. He saved every ball this morning!
Another save!
Hot and sweaty!

After soccer, we came home and had lunch together and then Michael and I went to Costco. I need to remember that the 2 of us should never go together to Costco. Ever. New coffee pot? Sure! New telephone? Sure! New jeans? Sure? New brain? Sure! $350.00 later we walked out, only to see M's tiny convertible instead of my car. Oops! After some creative cramming, we were set to go!

Tonight Michael and the boys are cooking dinner...I can't wait! There are a few extra boys in the house right now, which means that there will probably be a few extra gathered around the table tonight. The weather has turned and I actually woke up cold in the middle of the night. I am so ready for cooler temps. Costco has the best pumpkin chocolate chip muffins...they remind me of Fall!

Thank you for the prayers yesterday. I am so blessed. =0)

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  1. Every Saturday morning I wake up and thank God that my daughters were never interested in Soccer!

    Especially now since it seems to have become a year-round sport up her.



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