Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Moon Festival

A Chinese student of M's brought him a gift on his way out yesterday and told him it was the Moon Festival.

She told him "Go home. Look at moon. Eat cake."


Pretty box.

Moon cakes, cookies and tea.

Went outside in our jammies and looked at the moon. (full...aha!)

Ate cake!
Alex and Michael, the two most adventurous eaters in our family, dug right in. The rest of us watched for a minute. The cakes were like jello filled with jello. Very, very interesting!
Brian asked for ice cream instead.

And where oh where oh where is Mollie? Here's a clue!

Today I need to go to Verizon to have Alex's phone switched. It's been duct taped together for awhile, but even that isn't working now. I have a box of old phones, so he picked the 'new' old one that he wanted.

Other than that, I will keep attacking the laundry and get the bathrooms cleaned. Dinner'll be an easy's Back to School Night #2, this one is at the high school. We are meeting friends in the parking lot beforehand and tailgating. Sick and wrong, I tell ya, but life is too short to attend yet another back to school night without a little something to help us out.

Hope we don't get expelled.


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