Monday, September 10, 2007

Eating Out

How many meals can one family eat out in one weekend?

Friday was dinner out at Fatburger in between basketball practices across town and then I was talked into ordering pizza when we got home. Saturday, Brian's birthday! was donuts after soccer, McDonald's with some friends and Souplantation for dinner. Sunday after church, Sunday school and Confirmation was a quick lunch at Subway before a basketball game.

Dad was away in the mountains on choir retreat, so we ate junk. =0)

So, NO MORE eating cruddy food out this week...NO MORE!

(Oops...I forgot to mention the Ben & Jerry's creme brulee ice cream a girlfriend dropped off on Friday night! OH MY..and I don't even like ice cream, but I love creme brulee! Oh, and the chocolate birthday cake on Sunday night.)

The boys are off to school, so this morning I spent some time in the garden. The last of the tomatoes have been picked and the plants were pulled. The eggplant plant is huge, so I picked a few that weren't eaten by some varmint and will make a pasta -eggplant- something for dinner tomorrow night. I have some pumpkins growing and was planning on planting a fall crop of broccoli, broccoli rabe and butternut squash, but have decided to take just a bit of a break. (It's actually been decided for me, but more on that later...)

Michael has some late afternoon auditions, Alex has practice, and Brian is having a friend over after school. Matthew, I am supposing, will be home? It's feeling a tad chilly (must be only in the high 70's here!) so I made a pot of roasted tomato soup for supper...we'll have panini's on the side. Leftover birthday cake for whoever needs a sugar jolt after dinner. =0)

Brian at his 1st game...they lost 5-4.

Brian scored a goal!

Maggie helping Brian open presents.

Hooray...a Pokemon wii game!

Make a wish, BooBear!

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