Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Humble Pie

I should tattoo an I on my forehead.

For idiot.

I forgot to mention yesterday that when I called the car place about my radio, I kinda sorta started bawling on the phone. Most of you know that I am fairly stable....=0)....but yesterday, I kinda sorta lost it. This poor man got a run down (in a very nice way, through my sobbing) about what is happening in my life right now and that I am having a kinda sorta rough time. He was very kind, but still quoted me $95.00.

Late last night, M and I were talking (OK, I was talking and he was laughing) about what happened, and M encouraged me to call them back and actually talk to them about my options for the radio.

SO...this morning I call the rather large dealership and I get a woman this time. I tell her my name and that I called yesterday and spoke with Joe and that yesterday I kinda sorta got a tad little bit weepy on the phone.
She says," Oh! I am so glad you called back. Poor Joe was so worried about you!"


Lock me up, people! Psycho woman is on the loose!

She told me to drive my car over and they would help me figure it out. I am, at this point, a little embarrassed that they think I am a tad bit unstable, but hey!...maybe it'll save me $95.00.
(...she admits, sheepishly...)

I drive up. Krista, the woman I was talking to on the phone, comes over and gives me a hug. Joe comes out and shakes my hand and then runs away. Lovely...they think I am a nutcase. I hand her my card with the radio code and she tells me that that is NOT the radio code. She reaches over and opens the glove compartment and there is this sticker...this like, 4 inch long sticker, that says 'radio code."


Humble pie time, my friends!

Guess we didn't think of looking in there.

I now have a working radio and it didn't cost me anything. I cannot; however, figure out how to reset the clock. Yes, I read the manual and no, it doesn't work. I'll wait for M to come home and figure it out and HE can call the car place if need be.


Another good thing? Yesterday afternoon, I had a carload of boys that I was driving across town to practice. With no radio, Alex decided to serenade me, and pretty soon I had 5 teenage boys singing Beatles songs...loudly...with all the windows down.

That memory alone is worth $95.00.

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  1. Reading the manual to reset the clock won't work. It's those technical writers that can't write clearly! (I don't think my husband reads this, so I'm safe) :)


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