Monday, September 17, 2007

The Good and the Bad

The good news: My car is working fine and instead of just running in and picking up goodies from Corner Bakery, I ran into an old friend and ended up having breakfast there, too.

The bad news: Apparently my car has some sort of anti-theft radio thingy that if the power is cut, the stereo no longer works UNLESS you have a special code.

The good news: We have the code! Hooray!

The bad news: The code doesn't work.

The good news: You have 7 tries to use the code before it locks up and won't allow you to try anymore.

The bad news: I used all 7 tries and the code didn't work.

The good news: I can call Honda and they will help me!

The bad news: I called the dealer and they want to charge me $95.00 to pull the radio to reset it. $95.00!!!!!!! I can go to Best Buy and BUY a new stereo for less than that.

The good news: M answered his phone at work and patiently listened while I cried about the stupid radio not working and didn't make me feel...well, stupid. =0)

The bad news: I am refusing to pay that much money for a stinkin' code, so I am without a clock or stereo forevermore.

(or until I cave in and drive to the dealer. sigh.)

1 comment:

  1. Russ had radio problems due to battery issues in his old car. It was cheaper to replace the entire thing - go figure! Can you use a portable CD player and hook it up to the speakers as a temporary fix?

    Time to go listen to the Cubs game!! THIS is next year. (a true Cubs fan would understand)



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