Sunday, September 30, 2007

End of the Weekend

We had to drive separately to church on Sunday...M had a concert to go to in Orange and I went to Alex's game with the boys. We did squeeze in lunch
at TOGO's before we split up.

I think he looks a tad toooo happy!

(must be because he is all ALONE while I have fighting young men with me...)

And you should never attempt to take a picture of your spouse while driving along side each other on the freeway. It does make the young men stop fighting long enough to scream, though.

On to Alex's game. He played an amazing game and they won, not easily, but they won. The high school scouts were watching, but Alex didn't notice until after.

I finished cleaning out the 'summer' garden, but I am still getting lots of peppers and eggplant. I finally made an eggplant lasagna...yum!

OK, and the house finally got decorated for fall. Remind me to take is so cute! I unpacked this bowl that I don't remember buying, but it has a hand that grabs you if you reach into the bowl. It entertained the kitties for hours last night. Who needs TV?

If I haven't mentioned it lately...I LOVE MY KITTIES! The funniest part is that they love M most of all...drives him crazy! =0)

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