Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Favorites

 Favorite Place To backyard.  Everything is in full bloom and it is so colorful!
Favorite Smell...parmigiano reggiano.  Yep, smells like feet but then again, I live in a house of all males, so I guess I am just used to it.

Favorite's gotta be my backyard again and the fig tree that is exploding with (surprise!) figs.

Favorite Quote..."we thought about moving to your neighborhood but we just can't do small." would you respond to that? Thank you?  I'm happy for you?  Ok?  

I just smiled.  With gritted teeth.


Favorite's a toss up and while I did cook this weekend, that .89 relish dog from der wienerschniztel was quite enjoyable.

And when did they drop the 'der' from 'der wienerschnitzel'?

Favorite TV Show...the Anne of Green Gables marathon that was on.  Love.

Favorite Mail...the newest Country Living magazine.  Makes me happy.

Favorite Event...the fact that that guy that I like so much spent all. day. long working on my website after it crashed.  As in ka-pooh-y.  Not fun.  Not fun at all.  But he prevailed and while he wasn't all smiles while he was dealing with it (I went for a walk because I quickly learned that my freaking out wasn't being appreciated), he was very happy once it was fixed.  

He's my star.  


(that was totally cheesy.  sorry.)

Let's see...other weekend favorites?

a totally awesome sermon on Romans that had me craving more
following Matthew's drum corps on facebook
chewy brownie cookies
angry birds
not having to set the alarm for the first time in forever...and actually sleeping past 6:30am!

What were your weekend favorites?


  1. We took the kids to natural bridge caverns this weekend---amazing!
    $2 tanks at old navy---my fave shirts to sleep in!
    $1 bouganvilla at a moving sale-----LOVE!!
    Seeing all the bright colored additions to our deck and backyard---happiness!

  2. Those flowers are gorgeous!!!

    Can't wait to meet you at Blog Sugar!!!

  3. hooray for blog sugar! your backyard sounds lovely!

  4. I have a house full of boys too. See you at Blog Sugar!


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