Thursday, June 2, 2011

All Day Today

This morning,  after successfully clearing our little house of two out of our three boys (in other words, sending them joyfully on their way to school), that guy that I like so much and I went for a hike.

I learned along the way that we had to set some ground rules.

#1.  when I complain about a problem I am having at work, I don't need you to try and fix it.  I just need you to be as annoyed and frustrated as I am and then move on to the next subject.

#2. No need to say inspirational things to me when we are going up a really big hill...things like 'you can do it!' and 'good job!' and 'I am so proud of you!' because it just makes me want to hit you.

(and I'm not the hitting type.  I'm more the throwing dishes type, except now that I am old I think before I throw because it is frustrating to not have enough salad plates or wine glasses at a dinner party.)

But once we cleared those things up, we had a jolly good time.  For us, this is an annual event...settling into our new summer routine.  Thankfully I really, really like him.


Anyway, after the hike and after showering, we grabbed a taco at Chronic Taco's.  Pretty sure I could live on their $2.99 Al Pastor taco.

So after the hike and after the taco, we ventured into the $1.00 theater which was really $2.00 because it is only $1.00 on Tuesdays and today was Wednesday...and saw Source Code.

Good movie, by the way!

Home again, home again,  jiggity jig...just in time to love on our grown up son, who has reached his max of parental love and can't wait to leave on tour.

But until he does, I will continue to ask him 5,329 questions about his life each and every day.  It's my job, you know.

And guess what, Matteo...I'm not even PAID to annoy you!!


Let's see...hike. lunch. movie. annoy child.

Next up...vacuum, dust, mop floors, two loads of laundry.  THEN...a large mango iced tea.


Supper became a homemade pasta making family affair...a nice end to a nice day.


PS...the cats had a good day, too.  One bird (safely let go after being cornered in my bathroom all afternoon), one dragonfly (not so lucky) and a clean litter box.

Life is good.



  1. I always think you can't 'out-do' your last blog, in various dimensions, but do! I especially enjoyed/relate to this one. And can't wait to 'mother' my grown daughter once she's back from Mexico in 2 weeks! Like you, I hope that will never end: our reciprocal, unwaivering love for each one. On a related note, the Icelandic ash has completely cleared so I should be flying out of London in about 12 hours & God willing a safe journey 'home'.

  2. No Icelandic ash is allowed anywhere near London next week, specifically Tuesday and Wednesday. Just sayin', since I'm kinda taking a really big trip to meet up with my baby girl. We will have an entire week of togetherness in which I can annoy her with even more questions than you are asking your big boy.


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