Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Twenty Five Years

Yesterday was our 25th wedding anniversary.

We were babies and had the whole world in our hands.  My friends pointed out that he still looks at me this same way...I am pretty sure in his head he is thinking 'uh oh...what's she gonna say now?'


Now...we aren't babies anymore.

Twenty five years will do that to you.


I have to say, this anniversary was extremely stressful.  Well, not the anniversary itself, but the planning of it.  We had both wanted to go away, even just for a night or two, but just can't leave the home front (and the boys that dwell in it) at this time in our that was out.  Can't stop parenting, even for a day or two.

There'll be a 30th anniversary, so that's OK.


But that guy that I like so much?  He had grand plans for a dinner out and then I became cheap. And after a week or so of going round and round, (and quite possibly me complaining a little...or a lot about how much this was going to cost) some people close to me told me to buck up, quit the debbie downer act and stop being a roadblock to his plans.

So out for an extremely fancy schmancy dinner we went.  With a happy heart.

(nope...didn't get the $5000.00 bottle of wine!)
 We had THE BEST MEAL EVER.  And course #4?

A cheese plate.

To know me is to know that I LOVE a cheese plate.


Twenty five years.

It doesn't feel like 25 years have passed...I mean, we still like each other and all.

My advice for a happy marriage?

Prayer.  Laughter.  Forgiveness.

And four words from him: "whatever you say, hun."



  1. awwww, happy anniversary friend!!! sorry you couldn't go out of town, but cheese and dessert!! Really, so much better than all that packing and unpacking. :)
    Love, love, love the wedding pics

  2. Cheese? We just tried some butterkase cheese this past weekend. It was from a local cheese maker that was at the farmers market. $7 for a small pack of cheese, but it was so good. Want to try some?

  3. What a nice post/way to review your special anniversary in the future too especially with the 'original' photos & that wine price list - c'mon, that's unbelievable, but proof is in the picture! Will you be home tomorrow afternoon? email me when it's best to stop by briefly...


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