Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer List

This is what June Gloom looks like:
cloudy and gray and misty and chilly is the very last day of school for the 2010-2011 school year, and I am ready to say farewell.  It's been a doosy.  I, along with my houseful of boys (including that guy that I like so much who went straight from his school year to filling in for a church job which ends this Sunday), are more than ready for summer.

We always make a summer list of the stuff we want to do...some we get to, some we don't, but it's nice to pull out the list when someone mentions the dreaded 'I'm bored' phrase.  

At the top of Brian's list:

Pancakes.  Chocolate Chip Pancakes.  As many mornings as possible.

I can roll with that.


Other things on our summer 'to do':
the beach
row a boat on our lake
s'more's (with nutella, please)
summer basketball games 
revisit the USS Midway
watch 'classic' movies outside (the Sandlot is on that list)
 grill pizzas
eat as many tomatoes from the garden as possible
make real lemonade
lunch at Langer's
take the train to Olivera Street
paint the house
the Getty
clean out everyone's closets
stay up late
catch as many of Matthew's drum and bugle corps shows as possible
hot dogs from Pink's
pick peaches
host bunches of late night dinners in the backyard
a weekend getaway somewhere, anywhere

Any other ideas?


  1. Your list looks great, please just make sure we're there for the grilled pizzas part! :0) Mmmmmmmm!

  2. Paint the house, really? what colors? and where is Olvera Street? I clicked your link but there was only one photo...wondering if we can view the Jamie O program sometime you're not 'out & about' (which looks like often this summer!) Ruth said she got a hug from you last night. We'll have you, Alba & Sheila & Hannah over next week tuesday late morning maybe? so you can see Rebeca's 'vintage french' decorations & share a few stories with Ruth (she doesn't have class that morning & Sheila might be taking the day off?


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