Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Last, but certainly not least...the baby.

I suppose, at 12 (almost 13!!) he is not really a baby...but he will always be MY baby.

Somehow, in the last 2 months especially, he has grown.  A lot. 

And I am not sure I am OK with that...but I guess I don't have much say about it.

He plays basketball and the trumpet and loves youtube and skateboarding and turkey sandwiches with mustard.  

Oh...and ice cream.  All is well in his world as long as there is ice cream in the freezer.

Whew.  Something I can handle.



  1. He really has changed so much. I feel like his transition has begun from being a kiddo to a teenager...and if I can notice it, then I can only imagine what you get to see regularly. Love that little exclamation point of yours. :)

  2. Just cuz I'm being nosy--my "baby" 12 yr old is already taller than me--I think he is about 5'8" now and wearing a size 10 in mens shoes---how big is Brian? Everyone is always saying Chris is so tall and they can't believe that he isn't older. Please tell me that Brian has also grown up drinking miracle grow and that my child isn't the only near 6ft jr high student. I have LOVED meeting the boys---maybe I need to introduce my babies to my readers. Is school out yet friend?


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