Thursday, June 23, 2011


I am trying REALLY hard to not throw my computer out the window right now after dealing with website/email issues since yesterday.

Computer problems ain't fun.

Soooo frustrating.


BUT...there are tulips on the table and tulips are always a good thing.

Ready for freak fact #182 about me?

I like fruitcake.  Yep.  Fruitcake.

Introducing....panforte.  Italian fruitcake.  Better fresh but in moments of computer turmoil,  packaged will do...especially since fresh means an airline ticket to Italy and that's not happening this year.

And if my website weren't crashing down around me, this is one of my new favorites that will soon be added. 

Baby hearts.  

LOVE.  Simple and sweet.

(There's baby stars, too!)

My last day of work is officially tomorrow but I am sending off my last payroll this morning (as soon as I can figure out how to fix my email...grrr!!!)  and then I am off for the summer!  Matthew is leaving on tour this morning, Alex has basketball practice, and Michael and I are taking Brian to the movies...I think to see Super 8.  

I'm splurging on the popcorn, baby.


(still. no. email. worky. ugh.)

Distract me...what are your plans for today?


  1. Distractions...
    1. Learned today that the fun ringtones on my phone only last so long. It's happened before, but today...the ones that were originally awesome seem to be silent. Translation, when one uses them for alarms (who doesn't want to wake up to pachelbel!), they don't work after a while. Real translation...good thing I don't know how to sleep past 7am cuz the alarm didn't go off.

    2. Work-interesting staff mtg ahead, dun dun dun...will anyone address the concern of 3 people in the last 3 months "no longer working at (insert name of my job)." Hmm.

    3. I get to study for a midterm and show that I know all the criterion for diagnosing things like dementia, ADHD, depression.

    Fun day ahead, ay? :D hehe.

  2. It's a quiet day for me today. Mike is driving Kate north to Fort Wilderness, so they left around 9 a.m. I went for an hour-long power walk, and now I'm thinking about going to my favorite neighborhood grill joint for a char dog and fries. After all, I did burn some calories! Then I need to go to the store for milk, fruit, crumpets, laundry soap, and red wine. There is a lot of other stuff I could do such as clean house, check out my new classroom, phone a friend, etc., but I think I just need a quiet day to myself. It's kind of nice since the start of summer was so busy with my trip to England, a welcome home party for Kate, and a couple of days crammed with appointments for her (chiropractor, doctor, dentist, eye doctor). Now I just need to decide on a movie for tonight...

  3. I'm only home this week while Ruth is at class, because after her UCI classes we are hanging out at newlyweds' home to dog/cat sit while they take a few days honeymoon. It's fun to go to someone else's place - sleep in a child's bunk bed, add their spices to my groceries & eat on a different patio...and to enjoy a cute & playful doggie again - ironically also called Bella (nice memories of ours) thanks for asking, Michele! (I have a belated anniversary gift ready to bring by tomorrow)


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