Friday, July 1, 2011

Insta Friday. Driving!

I haven't written all week because, well, it's hard to write when all you do is drive, drive, drive.

Drive to and from summer music school.  Drive to and from summer basketball practices.  Drive to and from skateparks, gyms, and friends houses.

Good thing I like these boys.


Alex's team is playing in bunches of summer tournaments, so we've been driving about 30 minutes north of here 2 - 3 times a week (and will continue to for the month of July) and all the games start around 5:30pm.

Perfect for meal times.  Not.  But right across from the school is Volcano Burger, a great hole in the wall little burger place with a bazillion different kinds of burgers (I recommend the avocado burger!)...we've driven through this drive thru no fewer than 4 times in the last 2 weeks.

The cats haven't been driving...they've been lounging in the shade and catching butterflies in the twilight, which I much prefer to birds and mice.

The baby, who doesn't look like a baby anymore, has what we hope to be only 7 more weeks of having his mouth locked shut for 16 hours a day (after getting lectured by the orthodontist yesterday because we weren't on 'lock down' enough)...but look at these beautiful teeth!

Once this phase is over, they'll slap (well, not really slap...) braces back on for a year or so.  In the meantime, the kid is devouring every gummy like substance he can during the 8 hours he's allowed to chew.


Drove to a nearby restaurant for a girls only dinner the other night (Pablo's at The District) and had the most amazing cucumber margarita.

Bigger than my head but YUM.  Salty and cucumbery...crazy strange but so good!

Breakfast with that guy that I like so much after I told him I missed him...we've been on the go so much and even though he's been home, we have such a crazy schedule that we haven't had a chance to chat.

So we snuck out and ate in front of the fire (nevermind that it was 80 outside) and then shopped at Costco.

It's the little things.

Is it sad that I think this is a bargain?  It is for southern CA...

What has your week been like?

(linking up my week with Jeannett!)
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  1. Shelby: Costco gas was $3.75 today, and that was for McHenry County, and not even Cook County, Illinois.


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