Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Morning Muffins

My little house on my little street was full of boys last night (shocking, I know) and while they terrorized each other with the new Tommy 20 nerf guns that we found on clearance at Target (and now I know why they were on clearance because they are big and loud and annoying...I bought bunches to give out as Christmas presents in order to share the love), the over 25 crowd sat in the garden and drank a little chianti and listened to Michael Buble.

Summer.  Is.  Here.

And when the late night chill set in, we moved into the family room and watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...and soon found that we were surrounded by boys of all ages laughing at the fun-ness (yes, fun-ness is a word in my book) of that movie and the catchiness of the songs.

Toot Sweets?


This morning I once again woke up seems that my internal alarm clock just doesn't want me to sleep past 6:30am.   While I could continue to lay in bed and enter the worry zone, (you know, that place where your body isn't yet awake but your mind is racing 100 mph?  will my boys be ok?  will I have a job next year?  when will my 'prayer block' be over?  who really ate the last of my hidden chocolate?) I instead forced myself to get up and make muffins. 

Deep dark place or warm muffins?

Muffins won out.

Not just any blueberry muffins, but Ina's Coffee Cake Blueberry Muffins.  (my advice?  add a little orange zest and a few more blueberries.)

These muffins are so good, perfection really...and best yet, they make the house smell less like smelly feet and more like a bakery.

I'll take whatever help that I can get.

Shockingly, these have been out of the oven for almost an hour and not one boy has stumbled sleepily out of their rooms...which tells me one thing.

It's time to make bacon.


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  1. LOL--so did the bacon work?
    Really, one of your pre-dawn worries is who at the last of the hidden chocolate? Mine is usually "I'm hungry, should I get up and eat something? What could I snack on that wouldn't make any noise and alert the pet radar? And the boy radar? And wouldn't leave me thinking---eh, I really didn't want that"
    (((hugs))) on the now job---much love my friend---I know that a door is going to open for you anytime now.


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