Monday, July 18, 2011

A Few More Days

I would like to point out that in the last three weeks,  I have cooked twice.

TWO times in THREE weeks.  

Hope I remember how...if ever given the opportunity again.


The month of July has involved a ton of basketball (featuring an amazing come back by fun to watch!)...with almost every single game during a normal mealtime.

Does making sandwiches count as cooking?

And then there's my oldest, who I have seen in person twice in the last month even though he (supposedly) has been living at home...daily rehearsals from 9am - 9pm (an hour away) are responsible for that.

Plus he has a social life.


Saw him perform last night, though!


But guess what?

It's all about to change.

Matthew leaves on tour (for a month) on Tuesday night.
Alex plays his last game for the summer (ok, unless they win and then the last game will be next Monday) on Wednesday night.
Brian finishes music summer school with a big concert on Wednesday night.

And while I love being a part of all my boys activities, I am really looking forward to a sitting in my backyard with that guy that I like so much and Frank Sinatra and a bottle of chianti while eating a meal that does not involve a sandwich.

Just a few more days.


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