Thursday, July 28, 2011

On A Jet Plane

It's safe to say that I haven't been myself the last few months.

I've been feeling overwhelmed.  And scattered.  And tired.  And alone.

Isn't it interesting that you can feel alone even when you are surrounded by people?

(personally?  I think that is a very common feeling that women experience every now and's just how we are wired.)

And before you think I need to be committed's not THAT bad.  It's just been a rather crazy year so far.  


But right now...RIGHT NOW, I am on an airplane for a little R&R.  That guy that I like so much is staying home with the remaining males in our little house on our little street (Matthew is in the deep south, Atlanta to be exact) and I am heading out for some girlie time with almost every single one of my cousins.

I am so very, very excited.  Not to leave that guy that I like so much, cuz I really like him.  But the two of us can't leave frick and frack (otherwise known as Brian and Alex) unattended and he had a lovely week in Hawaii for work a few months back, so this time around it's my turn.  

(not that we usually keep track.  really.)

I am looking forward to four days of some of my very favorite peeps and letting everybody else make every single decision.  

And then there's the Paul McCartney 'thang'.  He and I have a date on Sunday night at Wrigley Field, thanks to my very generous Uncle Pauly.

Crazy fun.'s to a weekend of recharging my batteries, spilling my guts, laughing until I cry and eating, drinking and being merry.  

Selfish?  Maybe to some.  Necessary?  Yes.

I need this.


Oh...and these pictures?  All taken at The Counter, where on Tuesday nights you can get the gourmet mini burger and beer pairings for a whopping $14.  Add the sampler...sweet fries, regular fries, onion strings and fried pickles (don't knock it until you try it!) and you have just a little sense of what heaven will taste like.

Trust me.



  1. I totally hear you on the feeling alone even when you're surrounded by a bunch of people. I was just feeling this way last week. I hope you had tons of fun on your trip!! I love you!!!!

  2. Oh, Michele - I'm so happy for you! and now I want a specialty burger, too: guess I could copy one of those in my own kitchen...I have walked around the block these nights you're gone, and your house still looks cozy (it's the lighting!) & seeing all the cars home, I pray all is well for 'the guys', and you!


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