Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And...He's Off! (again)

For the 7th summer, my oldest has chosen to live a strange sort of life...traveling 10,000 miles across the United States on a bus, sleeping on gym floors, rehearsing 12 hours by day (outside in all sorts of fun weather conditions) and performing by night in major stadiums around the country.

Welcome to drum and bugle corps.

He assured me he had the packing 'thang' down, though one hour before we had to leave for drop off, he still wasn't home and hadn't packed one. single. thing.

(which totally stressed me out.  hello?  you're leaving for a month with only two laundry days and two mail days?  pack, already!)


BUT...he and his very white feet weren't a bit stressed and pulled it all together.  He not only packed but we had our first (and last) family supper together this month.  

All was well.

And then we loaded up for our very last send off...for drum corps, that is.


Be safe, Matteo!

(and dad says to do the readings you guys talked about before lights out every night...can't ever completely escape parental guidance!  love you...lots!)


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  1. When Kate was heading up to camp where she will be volunteering for 7 weeks, she was going to bring just a small carry-on size bag. I had to work to convince her that she did not have to live out of a backpack or carry-on since she would not be boarding planes, trains, or buses. It took a lot of persuasion to get her to bring a large suitcase. I guess she got used to traveling light!


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