Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our Girls

Three years and a few months ago, my neighbors indoor cat escaped from her cozy little house and disappeared for a few days.

Everyone in their family was so sad...everyone except for the cat, who eloped with some other cat from the neighborhood and wound up pregnant with quintuplets.

She found her way back home and sometime later had a litter of the cutest, most adorable kittens ever.

A few houses down in my little house on my little street, that guy that I like so much had put his foot down regarding pets, which made me weepy and his children whiney.

Weepy and whiney.

Yep. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


(Mollie...reading Harry Potter 6)

My girlfriend kept MAKING the boys and I go on over to her house to see the kittens.


And one evening, after listening to my middle son beg and plead I caved and said yes to a kitten without consulting with that guy that I like so much. A little stripey girl kitty with a white chin.

We named her Maggie.

In the meantime, the youngest in our family fell in love with a blacker than black girl kitty with yellow eyes.

We named her Mollie.

(Maggie, cuddling with her daddy)

On a warm summer evening, I gifted the two kitties to that guy that I like so much. And everyone knows, you can't return a gift that has been given in love.


Now let me say...I don't recommend giving pets to someone who said 'no way' to pets, but after 20 somethin' years, I knew he wasn't going to throw me out of the house.

I'm too good of a cook.


But he was not thrilled.

(which still makes me laugh...not good. Not good at all...)

The best part about our 'girls'? They love him most of all. They sleep on his feet at the end of our bed. They snuggle him when he's on the couch. They meow at him and asked to be held.

In other words...they are BRILLIANT.

I love my girls.


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