Saturday, September 11, 2010

All's Quiet

Yesterday I ran into Blockbuster (where I no longer have a rental membership because we NEVER rent movies) to buy a couple of their cheap (as in 4 for $20) previously viewed movies.

Among the 4 was the movie Leap Year starring Amy Adams, who I adore.

So once the youngest of my boys was tucked into bed and the middle of my boys was playing xbox in his room, I settled in to watch the movie.

But first, I made creme brulee with the vanilla beans I bought from India via eBay.

Did I ever tell you about the vanilla beans from India via eBay? If not, remind me to.

Anyway, I made a quickie (as in 5 minutes to make, 45 to bake and an hour to cool) vanilla bean creme brulee.


The creme brulee was perfect, the movie was too until it started to back to Blockbuster I will go (on Monday) to swap it out.

Other than that, it's quiet around these parts.

Too quiet.

Too, too quiet.

There's plenty I could do...just nothin' I feel like doing.

Any ideas?


  1. I love Amy Adams too but haven't seen Leap Year yet. However, I have seen her in Enchanted lots of times...a perfect Disney princess movie for grown-ups :)


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