Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mandatory Date Night

The temps here continue to hover around 100, which in turn has me hovering around insanity.

It's either the heat or the fact that I have been listening to The Star Spangled Banner played on the trumpet in the back of the house for the last 2 weeks.

Just kidding. Sort of.


But seriously, if we are going to be stuck in a little house with (gasp) the windows closed because the AC is on, can't the band teacher at least assign something...ummm...playable????

It all came to a head yesterday afternoon when I just couldn't take it anymore.

So I called Maggiano's and begged for a reservation. For reals. Begged. When the poor gal at the reservation desk said, "I'm sorry, we're full" I went into crisis mode.

"Please. You don't understand. I've been listening to a 16 year old who just found out he isn't cleared to play basketball yet and it's all MY fault AND to a 12 year old playing the gosh darn STAR SPANGLED BANNER OVER AND OVER AND OVER and I am HOT...and not hot in the attractive way but hot in the way that a 40 somethin' year old woman can only understand and I NEED A RESERVATION. PLEASE!!"

And I just may have had a little sob escape from my mouth.

Sadly, I did. Yep. I had a meltdown on the phone.

Call me crazy, but I suddenly had a 6:30pm reservation for two.


So on a rather normal Tuesday evening, that guy that I like so much and I found ourselves sharing a bottle of vino rosso.

And it's hard to see...but I really likey likey these monogrammed glasses.


So, if you have never dined (or met, for that matter) that guy that I like so much then you don't know that he befriends every single wait person we have at every single restaurant.

But now you know.

And I am totally serious about this. So within 5 minutes of us being there, we knew all about Kristy and her life story. And we liked her. A lot.

And since we sat there for almost 3 hours...well, we heard lots about her life.

All thru the evening she kept bringing us food. Food we didn't order but ate and ate and ate.

And then the kitchen made us a Happy Date Night dessert, complete with candles.

Today, all is well in my little world.

Alex has an MRI on Friday and a follow-up on Monday, so prayers that we get a better report than 2 weeks ago would be great...though he is in a much better place right now. Emotionally, that is. It's just hard. =0(

Brian is playing, as I type, the Star Spangled Banner and I have decided to just sing along with him over and over and over. We make a good team.

It's still hot, but oh well. Could be worse.



  1. I met up with some high school friends at Maggiano's last weekend...people I haven't seen since high school or my wedding. Maggiano's was running nearly an hour behind on their reservations. At least they were walking around with trays of free appetizers for all of us who were standing and waiting. Maybe it was those people on date nights holding us up!

    Mike and I will go on a date to the Long Grove Apple Festival on Saturday if it isn't too freezing. The high is supposed to be only 50. Brrr! We'll need some hot cider to go with the cider donuts.

  2. You're so impressive. I had a meltdown last night too. But I got to stay in while Greg got to go play soccer. :0)

  3. Matt wants to record him playing the Star Spangled Banner and send it to you. :-)


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