Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

After church this morning we took a detour on the way home (as we do every Sunday) for lunch me, one of the pluses to attending a church a bit farther from home because it's just a chance for us to hang out as a family with no distractions.

Today was mexican food...a fav of all of us.

My middle son, Alex...the kid who's been sidelined after knee surgery at the beginning of summer (recovery is slow, but steady...), decided that he was going to grow his hair until he could play basketball again.

I choose my battles and hair isn't a battle in my eyes.

It's just hair.

He was called out by his coach on the first day of school who told him simply, 'Cut it by Tuesday.'


No decision from him yet as to what he's going to do...but he has a whole 'nuther day to decide.

(and for the record...while it is long, it is gorgeous. So I am a little sad at the thought of it being buzzed off...)

In other news, my car is spotless.

Or was spotless...check out where we parked:
Just a few birds on a wire above my car.

We're expecting a bunch of college students for supper...that guy that I like so much hosed down the backyard and I am throwing together a simple pasta.

Happy Sunday!



  1. Alex reminds me of cousin It. Does he have eyes under all the hair? :-)

  2. Both of my boys went through this stage of letting their hair grow. They are 20 and 18 and are back to short hair. I, like you, pick my's just hair and it's just a phase. I prefer short hair, but they were the same boys...long or short hair didn't change who they were inside. Good luck to your son. :)


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