Friday, September 3, 2010


Let's just say that yesterday was a bit rough.

Really rough.

It started fine. It was the first day of school which basically means that I woke up joyful and happy and excited...none of which was appreciated by my children.

As for 1st day of school pictures...not a one turned out.


Alex got to sleep in...the high school doesn't start until 10:15am yesterday and today. Pretty cool. He likes his classes, especially video production and was then told by his basketball coach that his hair had to go.

I choose my battles and hair isn't one of thank you, coach.


Brian and I walked up to the middle school and he grabbed his schedule and darted away while I went to the back to school coffee.

And then I bolted.


Bolted for school year freedom.

I wasn't exactly free...I am still doing my crossing guard supervisor job and had to visit a bazillion elementary schools in the next city over to confirm bell schedules with a bunch of school secretaries who weren't at all happy that I was asking them for information while they were doing last minute registrations but I still had to bother them anyway...but I was free in the sense that my boys were in school.

Ten points for the longest sentence ever.

I had just finished my last visit and called my girlfriend who does my job in
a different city...the plan was to meet at Costco for lunch.

Chicago was a blast ( I still need to blog about that!) and worth the fact that my lunch budget this week was locked in at $1.50...which at Costco gets me a hot dog AND a diet coke.

Woo Hoo!!

I had just pulled into the parking lot when my phone rang...Brian wasn't feeling well and was in the school office.

My baby.


I was there within 10 minutes and he was in bad shape with a bad, bad headache.

On the first day of school. His new school.

Got him to the car and began the 1 block drive home.


1/2 a block from home, it happened.

I'd like to just say he barfed, but that doesn't quite explain it.


He hurled and hurled and hurled...all inside of the car.

(praise God for mobile detailers who come to your house to shampoo the inside of your car after your child hurls...and thank you Matthew for showing up at just the right time and unloading all the stuff from my car!)
I'm thinking it is a flu of some sort (rather than a migraine, but he does get migraines so I'm not totally sure, sigh) because now he's running a fever for the 2nd time in a little over a week.

So it's the middle of the night and I've been up with him and every time I lay down and close my eyes, worry and doubt creep into my I'm choosing to not lay down (even though I am so tired) and instead spent some time praying for my boys (each one of them) while reading some Psalms.

I can sleep later today.
Oh, and then I ate a peach and the pit got stuck in the garbage disposal. I fished it out and started bawling...the piece of bone they pulled out of Alex's broken knee was the size of a peach pit. Have you seen how big a peach pit is?

I'm a wreck.


  1. it's hard to be the mommy. He'll be ok.

  2. Love you--what a rough day! xoxo

  3. Oh my what a day! I love the pics on your blog header...really neat to see them all grown up. I'm your newest follower. Following from "Follow me Chickadee".


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