Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Totally, totally caught in the act.


See...tonight at Brian's school there was an event.  A storyteller.  Which happens to be right up my alley.

(and this is a BIG but)

Tired from an early morning visit with an elliptical machine that is big and bad and mean.  Tired from hauling and planting and weeding my garden.  Tired from cleaning my WHOLE house.  Tired from making a really awesome frittata for supper.  Tired, tired, tired.


But Brian really wanted to go, so we headed out front and climbed into my car.

And drove to the school.

See?  Not so bad...but here is the BUT.

Brian's school is at the end of my street.  Like,  a block away.  Like, I can stand on my front porch and watch him walk into his classroom.  

BUT we drove there anyway.

No biggie, until in front of my car ran a couple of joggers who I happen to know:
Aren't they cute?  

They stopped to talk and asked where I was going.  And I had to fess up.

'Ummmm...I'm driving to the school."

Tim totally snorted.  Tina burst out laughing.  I mean COME ON...of all people I could possibly run into while driving that one long block, I run into the most athletic people I know.  


Anyway, the storyteller was great and we are now home making milkshakes.  Cuz that is what you do when you are tired.  And T and T?  Let's do dinner SOON.  We miss you.  Maybe we'll even walk over.


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  1. What's so unusual about driving to school? I thought all people in California drove everywhere!


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