Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just An Update

Busy.  Busy.  Busy.

  1. I finally decided on the backsplash for behind my stove...and ordered parts of it.  I could post a before picture, but I am actually too tired to go grab my camera and take a picture.  But I will soon.  
  2. I was brought 7 baby bunnies by my cats.  I was fine with it at first...I mean, I DO live in a houseful of boys who can help when it happens, but when Maggie left one on my bed I decided enough was enough.  And told them so.  The best part is that they seem to have actually listened to me...or they have depleted one whole bunny family.  
  3. I talked on the phone for almost 3 hours...and for someone who HATES to talk on the phone, that is quite amazing.  The best part was that it was to someone who I rather unfairly judged and am sad that I wasted so much time jumping to conclusions.  Big lesson learned on my part...and I am so excited to let it all go and start over.
  4. Grandma and Grandpa Busch are here for the weekend to see M's big concert.  And for the record, my FIL and I won the first cribbage game of the visit.  We rock.
  5. Brian has been sporting a mohawk all week.  Third child.  Enough said.
  6. Set up for the book fair after doing an hour (yes, an hour) on the elliptical machine at my new gym.  Ouch.
  7. Yes, I said gym...because the girl who said never changed her mind and I love, love, love my new gym.  Never say never.
  8. Had an amazing dinner at friends last night.  Arrived empty handed with 2 kids in tow and they still let us in the door.  Sat at the bar in the middle of the kitchen and laughed, talked, drank wine and ate a wonderful pasta dinner.  I'm thinking of heading back right now...
  9. Alex played a great game this morning with his high school team and then headed up to LA for 4 more games with a pick up/club team.  And he has 2 more games tomorrow.
  10. Saw the movie Earth today with Brian and Grandma.  The parts I was awake for were wonderful.  The nap was even better.  =0)
  11. Big concert tonight.  Big.  Can't one conducting and one singing.  I am in awe of God's timing.
  12. Pictures tomorrow.  Promise.

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  1. You say unfairly judged so I know you were not talking about me!


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