Thursday, April 30, 2009

Keeping Busy

THIS would be that guy that I like so much, after his concerts last weekend.  If you happen to see him, please tell him his wife and children miss him.


It's been a busy week with the book fair going on, though I did spend some quality time in my garden this morning.  I even sat out there with my apples and cinnamon oatmeal, chatting with my tomatoes while I ate.

They were, as usual, very chatty.

And for the newest development in the life of a was my very last meals on wheels run.  This will be the last time these coolers will be in the back of my car, and please excuse the spilled coffee and chicken manure remnants that are back there.  Makes for a delicious smelling car, I tell ya.

Anyway, after Virginia died, followed by Josephine moving away (though she still calls me every Thursday morning just to chat about the weather, life and the price of strawberries) and then Carol dying last month, I just felt I needed a break.  It's been 4 incredible years, but my heart is tired and sad and I was feeling more and more like it was something I 'had' to do, rather than something I 'wanted' to do.

You know?
This has been my home away from home this week and yes, it actually looks much friendlier in person.  
Sitting here brings me back to my days cashiering...though I am pretty sure I didn't think much about catching the swine flu while collecting money back then.
I love when blogger loads pictures out of order.  Does that happen to anyone else?

I figure it keeps me on my toes.


Broccoli from the garden, picked this morning.  Yum, yum, yum.
Tonight is....the book fair open house!  More and more and more book fair...good thing I find it fun to be a part of.

Brian has a friend over,  Alex is at weight training and I have heard a rumor (ok...I got a text message) that that guy that I like so much might actually make an appearance while my eyes are still open.

Can't wait!


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  1. Did you ever see, "The Attack of the Killer Tomatos"?

    A true classic.


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